Windows 10 using experience

//Windows 10 using experience

Today I managed to upgrade my Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro.

It took approximate 1 hour plus plus to upgrade it. It’s depend how many files and programs installed on your current Windows.

Windows 10 upgrade screen

Windows 10 upgrade screen, it restarted about 3 times before reached 100%

Tata~ Windows 10 Lock Screen

Tata~ Windows 10 Lock Screen

Windows 10 Log In Screen

Windows 10 Log In Screen


The only driver not manage to upgrade completed is my NVIDIA GeForece GTS450. It shows Windows Basic bla bla bla driver. I installed the driver twice only managed to get back my dual screen and high resolution. The second time installation I only selected the basic driver install.

Windows 10 Desktop

Windows 10 Desktop

Black colour taskbar, once you open a program you will get a yellow underline on the program name, I think this is how they replace the box design.


Windows 10 Pro

Windows Edge is replaced for Windows Internet Explorer. Personally I do not have much interest on this product.

Windows 10 message box I think is really a unfinished product…erm… I am not a designer but this definitely did not separate the title and body well and the padding gap is really too near to the border.

This is how Windows 10 message box look like..

This is how Windows 10 message box look like..

Windows 10 - Windows Explorer

Windows 10 – Windows Explorer

After a few hours of using, I did not find out any major issue except my Outlook 2016 Trial version, it keep crashing. Hopefully the final version I able to use it without any issue.

Conclusion – Do not use on your production PC

My final advice is do not upgrade in your production machine. You may wait for another 3-4 hours to wait Microsoft fix those bugs. I read some of the forum blue screen to happen to them when they are upgrading to Windows 10.

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