Maxis Business Fixed IP Setting

//Maxis Business Fixed IP Setting

I just migrate to Maxis Business with 5 Fixed IP. The reason I wrote this post is because I can’t find anyone share about this information. And another reason is I explained my current network infrastructure to Maxis Expert they also can’t solved my issue. So I decided to share this post.

This is the correct setup. Below I will be sharing another wrong setup, if you are having the same situation like me.

Correct Network Infrastructure Setting for Maxis Fix IP Broadband

Below is my Maxis Router Setting.

I registered for 5 Fixed IP Address from Maxis.

The correct way to setup your network environment.

Maxis Fix IP Not working with below Setting

Below was my initial network structure which brought me headache like below:-

  • Your internet will work. Your LAN Network working well. But when you want to work with FIX IP, nightmare come.
  • After port forwarding for from the gateway network (WAN IP: Eg. I port forwarding for my PC ( port 80 for web services. (The PC port forwarding will work) but All my other Fixed IP (other than gateway IP) Network cannot be accessible.
  • Once you had done the port forwarding. You use port scanning website to check your port open, all is opened! But not working!

I called to Maxis Expert and explained my network infrastructure. They said everything is working and blame my Application Server / Database Server is making the trouble. (In my mind, WHAT?! I just switch from one Static IP – From another provider to you, then the services is screw. In my mind, definitely not my server problem!)

My mistake was when the maxis installer was here at that time I was not around and need to clean up this sh*t, lol… Conclusion is when they are around asked them fix everything only leave them go.

Buggy Router

Second thing want to complaint is their router interface. I called the Maxis Expert. He asked me to re-enter the Easy Setup page info. As you can see the user Static IP Address is off. No matter how many thing I On and enter all the detail. After I apply changes. It will reset to this page again. I told them is the bug, they said they never encounter this..

In the end of the story, I don’t care about this as long as it is working… So Maxis please improve your team knowledge OK? PEACE~

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  1. sba April 11, 2019 at 2:07 pm - Reply

    Quite informative. Anyway in your 2nd setup diagram, you obviously have violated basic network setup by having or wanting 2 sets of network with differing IP segment, one set being having public IPs and another set of local IPs and both are managed by a switch. Devices with public IPs must exist before your local router and local IPs devices behind that.

  2. Ken Teo April 11, 2019 at 9:31 pm - Reply

    The 2nd setup is guide by Maxis Support, that why I label big red Incorrect way. If their support still guide you in this way memang dunno where they were graduated..

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