macOS Sierra install PHP7 ext-intl extension

I need to run with ext-intl with my PHP7.
However, I can’t really find a proper tutorial about this.

It actually simply to do with `brew` install.
if you already install php70 with brew first you have to remove it. In my case, I had install with ext-mcrypt. So I have removed it first

brew remove php70-mcrypt
brew remove php70

Then start my installation, with the extra parameter, it allowed me to install ext-intl

brew install php70 --with-pear

But it seem like got error…

These open issues may also help:
php70-ast 0.1.4

Then I followed what it told.

brew install -s php70-intl

Then install back my php mycrypt extension again

brew install -s php70-mcrypt

Tata~ I have my latest php70 install with ext-intl installed. I hope this will help those need ext-intl extension installed with your php.

Happy Coding!

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