JetReports with Nav5 having Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action

Yesterday our company JetReports suddenly out of services. My Excel got stuck when I did anything related to connection with Nav5. error-Jetreport

When I open JetReports Excel. It just stuck and after while it start prompt out “Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action” and on the bottom of Excel keep running processing…

I noticed that when I opened my CSIDE Client (fin.exe) also keep stuck on the opening. The memory is about 1k – 1.5k compare the normal fin.exe is take about 20k-25k memory.

I had tried restart the PC. Reinstall JetReports and Nav 5 but it still not solved my problem. I notice that the same PC different user able to access the fin.exe. I come into the conclusion it might be user profile AppData got corrupted data.


I remove the user and recreate the user again. Once I login to new created user, I am able to open fin.exe without any issue. Then I test with JetReports component in Excel. It also able to connect to my Nav Database.

Thanks for reading hopefully my sharing can help some of you having the same problems.

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