TM Unifi Maxis Broadband using ASUS Router Setup Configuration

I am using Maxis Broadband.

However, Maxis provided the router is for basic usage. What if we need a better route to handle internet traffic?

I got an ASUS RT-AC88U Router. How do I handle the Maxis Phone line problem?

Here is my setup.

If you are not using ASUS router or different model please purchase those brand support Unifi. Every brand and model have its own setup.

For my case ASUS RT-AC87U, when I select Unifi+Maxis, only LAN2 is the specific port can link to their router and I can use Maxis phone.


Synology High Availability (HA) Heartbeat Link Aggregation vs Single LAN

I purposely did another Synology High Availability (HA) Heartbeat Link Aggregation for this test.

First I did my Synology HA with Single LAN Cable (Direct Cable).

Single LAN Cable

It took about 2 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, 32 seconds (±3644 minutes)

2018/03/31 10:31:00 to 2018/04/02 23:15:32

Link Aggregation

To have Link Aggregation in your HA. You must create the bond network before you build the HA. Or else you will need to redo. Just like what I did…

It took about 2 days, 13 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds (±3695 minutes)

2018/04/04 12:27:03 to 2018/04/06 02:03:01


My Data is about 8TB. It is running in RAID10.



Link Aggregation make thing faster?

From the build time, it seems like look slower that single LAN connection. However, when I tried to copy some big files.  Bond 1 (Heartbeat) it actually does fully use the throughput. 

So my advice is get a Link Aggregation if you got extra network port.

Thanks for reading!