Opencart Malaysia GST Exclude Tax Free Zone

I receive a comment regarding how to exclude GST for those areas are tax free (NOT FAIR!!). Tax Free Zone like Labuan, Tioman and Langkawi (Source:

So, what to do? It actually can be done in opencart.

To setup the GST in open, you can read the previous post Opencart with Malaysia GST Setting

First task, go to System->Localisation->Zones:


Click Insert, and Add Labuan(already added, so you can skip this), Tioman, Langkawi.

2. Go to System->Localisation->Geo Zones:

You have separate Tax Free and non-tax free area.


For Malaysia Geo Zone Name:


And You add the 3 Zones to Malaysia (Tax Free Zone)

3. For the System->Localisation->Taxes->Tax Rates, you just have to make sure the Tax Zone is the group of state you had selected. In my case is call, Malaysia.


That’s all, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave comment below! Happy Coding! and Happy GST.