PHPUnit output with colour

Having fun with PHPUnit? However the testing result there is no colour to display it. Quite boring right?…

This is the fix, There 2 solutions.


Download ConEmu,

It is automatic support colour. Just in case it does not work. You need to double check, make sure the Settings->Features.

Both Inject ConEmuHk and ANSI X3.64 / xterm 256 colors are checked.


  1. Download ANSICON from: (SOURCE FILE, you need to compile yourselves) || (Download the build file, I prefer build file, no need compile it again)
  2. Extract the proper files (Depending on if you have a 32 or 64 bit machine) to c:ansicon (For example). I have a 32 bit machine and hence I extracted the files from inside the x86 folder.
  3. Open an elevated privilege command line prompt and go to c:ansicon, and then type “ansicon -i” without the quotes
  4. Add c:ansicon to your path environment variable
  5. Done. You can now enjoy the colored output of PHPUnit for example.


I am using ConEmu. This is the output.

Command Prompt with Colour

Install PHPUnit in Windows

How to install PHPUnit in Windows


1. PHP installed. PHPUnit 4.1 requires PHP 5.3.3; using the latest version of PHP is highly recommended.

2. Set your PHP folder (e.g C:phpbin) to your Environment Variable. Thus, you can run php in your command prompt without full path


Step to install PHPUnit

1. Download from the PHPunit website., if you PC support wget you can use the following command to download the phpunit.phar to your php bin folder.


My case it will located in C:phpbinphpunit.phar

2. Create a .bat file, you can create a .txt file rename it to .bat later. Inside the content paste these in

@echo off
php "%~dp0phpunit.phar" %*

Rename your txt file to .bat


Access to your Command prompt, try enter the command phpunit, you should able to see the below result:

Enjoy your testing!

PS: No color in your testing output in command prompt? Read the next post to enable it!

Samsung Tab 10.1 GSM (1st Gen) P4 GT-P7500 flash to Cyanogenmod ROM

This is my first attempted to flash a Android Rom.

I follow the installation instruction from Cyanogenmod website.

Cyanogenmod Odin3-v1.85

Thank God I manage to flash the room to Cyanogenmod. The overall performance is improved. However, I think it is due to the hardware limitation some of the game memory still not really support for it. Well Done Cyanogenmod! I am enjoyed using this ROM.


OSX gem guard in guard-phpunit terminal notification

gurd-phpunit + terminal notification:
guard-php + terminal notification

I am on the way reading Jeffrey Way Testing Book – Laravel Testing Decoded. I followed the way to install guard-phpunit. However it failed.

When I run, I got the below error.

>guard init
16:03:13 - INFO - Writing new Guardfile to /Users/kenteo/Sites/testing/Guardfile
16:03:13 - ERROR - Could not load 'guard/phpunit' or '~/.guard/templates/phpunit' or find class Guard::Phpunit

I decided follow this solution using-guard-with-the-guard-phpunit-plugin


phpunit needed to be installed.

How to install? To install via terminal:

   >curl -o phpunit.phar
   >chmod +x phpunit.phar
   >mv phpunit.phar /usr/local/bin/phpunit

1. Remove all ruby gems and ruby completely. Below is the one line magic code.

>for i in`gem list --no-versions`;do sudo gem uninstall -aIx $i; done

2. Install guard-phpunit

>sudo gem install guard-phpunit

3. Install rb-fsevent

>sudo gem install rb-fsevent

4. Install Terminal Notification Guard

>sudo gem install terminal-notification-guard

5. Done.

Next, You can run the following command to init the Guard in your development folder (~/Sites/testing)
>guard init
You can use the following Guardfile to,

guard :phpunit, :all_on_start => false, :tests_path => 'app/tests/', :cli => '--colors -c phpunit.xml' do
  # Run any test in app/tests upon save.

Next Start your guar process to monitor your testing file.

17:22:27 - INFO - Guard is using TerminalNotifier to send notifications.
17:22:27 - INFO - Guard is using TerminalTitle to send notifications.
17:22:27 - INFO - Guard is now watching at '/Users/kenteo/Sites/testing'
[1] guard(main)>

This is not the end… Last step you need to fix is phpunit library. If you did not fix it, you will have this error

Call to undefined method PHPUnit_Framework_TestResult::allCompletlyImplemented() in /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.0.0/gems/guard-phpunit-0.1.4/lib/guard/phpunit/formatters/PHPUnit-Progress/PHPUnit/Extensions/Progress/ResultPrinter.php on line 250

Edit for Line 250 & 256

Replace from allCompletlyImplemented to allCompletelyImplemented. People already opened about this issue – allCompletyImplemented spelling issue however the author seem like did not active in development quite a while. I hope the developer can fix it 🙂

Make sure you follow from the start to the end, you should be enjoy your testing process~ God Bless.