How to add Notification regarding any update on your Google Calendar

Once you had added someone Calendar or your own Calendar. You would like to have some notification to you if someone make any changes on the Calendar.

First, you have to go to Google Account -> Calendar.

Then, you can do as following step.

1. Click on the Box beside the Calendar you want to have notification (In this case, I selected Hope KL)

2. Click on the Calendar Settings
Google Calendar Setting

3. Click on the Reminders and notifications tab

Google support 3 types of reminders and notifications

  • Pop-Up (this one only happen when you always inside your Google Web, if you close your browser always, this does not really make sense to you)
  • Email (Google will email to you, if you add to much, this will become not effective, make sure you tick which one you think are important to you)
  • SMS (this one need some setup, by default if you haven’t setup your mobile no with Google, you will not have this option)

Google Calendar Reminders and Notifications Settings

How to setup SMS Reminders and notifications in your Google Account

Once you click on the “Set up your mobile phone to receive notification in previous step. You will go to this screen. Fill in all the necessary field, and wait for the verification from Google. Then you are done.

Google Mobile Phone Setting

Once you save it, it will back to the Calendar Main Screen, Proceed again to the Reminders and notifications tab. Now you can see your phone no. is shown in the page, and you have the option for SMS reminder.

How to add Reminder

1. Click on the Add a Reminder. This one is a reminder base on the day EVENT. Now you can set base on what you prefer Email/SMS.

2. For those people would like to have more reminder on the particular Calendar, you can select the option below the Add a Reminder:

New events:
You won’t receive an email notification when somebody invites you to an event. Learn more

Changed events:
Receive a notification when someone sends an update about a changed event.

Canceled events:
Receive a notification when someone sends an update about a cancelled event.

Event responses:
Receive a notification when guests respond to an event for which you can see the guest list.

Daily agenda:
Receive an email with your agenda every day at 5am in your current time zone.

That’s all. If you have any feedback and comment, do let me know.

Thanks for reading my post.