MSN Mobile Service

Today just found it out that MSN Mobile Service, but the rate is so expensive…. I not yet reach the state really need the MSN so much.

I’m a MAXIS user, just share what I see it. Any one got interest, can go to subscribe.

This service is available for all MAXIS subscribers.


Currently for each SMS received from MSN is operator tariff and the cost of sending an SMS to this service is operator tariffs per outgoing SMS.


The applicable charges will be added to your monthly mobile bill or will be deducted from your prepaid account if you are a prepaid subscriber.


You will be charged RM 0.50 per alert received from your MSN Hotmail and RM 0.20 MSN Messenger account on your phone.


Currently, there is no maximum number of SMS messages that can be received from this service every month. This service is an MSN service and is covered by the general MSN Terms of Use.


The terms and conditions for use of this service may be modified by MAXIS and MSN at any time without any notice.

两个人同时认错人 XD

这次是用Microsoft Word 2007来把blog传上来^^

今天发生一件有趣的事情,晚上的时候到Carrefour 买菜时,突然发现前方有个很面熟的人。他也有跟我有同样的表情,就是好像见到好久不见的朋友。




这次是我在KL第2次发生停电事件。。。大概停了2个小时多~ 停电跟有电的时候都有人呼叫…… 而且是很多人(可以说默契不错吧……)
睡觉的时候还不觉得热,因为我的房间的空气还蛮清爽的^^ 不过就睡得不是很好。。。醒来几次了,应该昨天午餐跟晚餐都是吃炸鸡……内热外冷,真不好受……
今天要去公司Present我的作业…… 终于要完成一个重任了……去准备了。。。。