Hin Leong Tyre Review 2018

After 4 years later, I was coming back to Hin Leong Tyre Shop again.

This time I still selected back Michelin Energy MX2 Tyre.

After GST and SST pusing-pusing. I got cheaper tyre! OMG! Cheap RM5 compared 4 years ago. :p You can read my old post regarding Hin Leong review in 2014

But the sad news is I lost one of my first Michelin Energy MX2, totally lost. It is because the tyre flatted but I got no choice and I drove to nearest work shop. It can’t be repaired so I asked to change the spare tyre. It cost me RM8…

Below you can see how bad it is the tyre lucky the RIM didn’t have problem issue. But another side of RIM got some problem.

My old tyre was replaced at 2011. It is more than 7 years. 2011 Week No.48


This time, The Sifu told me that my RIM got problem so ask me whether want to fix or not. Got problem not to fix, that’s sound weird right so I fix my RIM. It took about 20 minutes to fix it. 

So I went to the VIP / waiting room. Back to WIFI issue, my previous post someone share in my blog post said the WiFi is hidden. This time I decided try again, but no chance. It is not hidden Wi-Fi. It is totally NOT Exist.
Here is the proof. Maxis 3G/4G Signal was really bad inside the room.

Hopefully they can improve their wifi services.

Today not so many people, I think it is because second week of SST. Many people had done their service before September.

I am happy with the services. By the way you can contact their Facebook to enquiry the price and available slot before you go there. Thanks for reading. This is my review on Hin Leong in 2018.

Samsung Migration Error Cloning Failed -00001 [ffffffff]

Thinking to migrate your HDD to SSD. When you just start open Samsung Migration for about 1 minute. DENG! This message pop out.

After few days of research. My Windows 10 is running Pro edition. My DELL Laptop is default is BitLocker Enable.

Solution to allow Samsung SSD Migration working

Disable the BitLocker (you may Google around, my solution is disable it in services and stop it)

That’s it. After I disable it, I was able to clone to my HDD to SSD. I hope Samsung SSD will improve their error message.

Maxis Business Fixed IP Setting

I just migrate to Maxis Business with 5 Fixed IP. The reason I wrote this post is because I can’t find anyone share about this information. And another reason is I explained my current network infrastructure to Maxis Expert they also can’t solved my issue. So I decided to share this post.

This is the correct setup. Below I will be sharing another wrong setup, if you are having the same situation like me.

Correct Network Infrastructure Setting for Maxis Fix IP Broadband

Below is my Maxis Router Setting.

I registered for 5 Fixed IP Address from Maxis.

The correct way to setup your network environment.

Maxis Fix IP Not working with below Setting

Below was my initial network structure which brought me headache like below:-

  • Your internet will work. Your LAN Network working well. But when you want to work with FIX IP, nightmare come.
  • After port forwarding for from the gateway network (WAN IP: Eg. I port forwarding for my PC ( port 80 for web services. (The PC port forwarding will work) but All my other Fixed IP (other than gateway IP) Network cannot be accessible.
  • Once you had done the port forwarding. You use port scanning website to check your port open, all is opened! But not working!

I called to Maxis Expert and explained my network infrastructure. They said everything is working and blame my Application Server / Database Server is making the trouble. (In my mind, WHAT?! I just switch from one Static IP – From another provider to you, then the services is screw. In my mind, definitely not my server problem!)

My mistake was when the maxis installer was here at that time I was not around and need to clean up this sh*t, lol… Conclusion is when they are around asked them fix everything only leave them go.

Buggy Router

Second thing want to complaint is their router interface. I called the Maxis Expert. He asked me to re-enter the Easy Setup page info. As you can see the user Static IP Address is off. No matter how many thing I On and enter all the detail. After I apply changes. It will reset to this page again. I told them is the bug, they said they never encounter this..

In the end of the story, I don’t care about this as long as it is working… So Maxis please improve your team knowledge OK? PEACE~

TM Unifi Maxis Broadband using ASUS Router Setup Configuration

I am using Maxis Broadband.

However, Maxis provided the router is for basic usage. What if we need a better route to handle internet traffic?

I got an ASUS RT-AC88U Router. How do I handle the Maxis Phone line problem?

Here is my setup.

If you are not using ASUS router or different model please purchase those brand support Unifi. Every brand and model have its own setup.

For my case ASUS RT-AC87U, when I select Unifi+Maxis, only LAN2 is the specific port can link to their router and I can use Maxis phone.


Synology High Availability (HA) Heartbeat Link Aggregation vs Single LAN

I purposely did another Synology High Availability (HA) Heartbeat Link Aggregation for this test.

First I did my Synology HA with Single LAN Cable (Direct Cable).

Single LAN Cable

It took about 2 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, 32 seconds (±3644 minutes)

2018/03/31 10:31:00 to 2018/04/02 23:15:32

Link Aggregation

To have Link Aggregation in your HA. You must create the bond network before you build the HA. Or else you will need to redo. Just like what I did…

It took about 2 days, 13 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds (±3695 minutes)

2018/04/04 12:27:03 to 2018/04/06 02:03:01


My Data is about 8TB. It is running in RAID10.



Link Aggregation make thing faster?

From the build time, it seems like look slower that single LAN connection. However, when I tried to copy some big files.  Bond 1 (Heartbeat) it actually does fully use the throughput. 

So my advice is get a Link Aggregation if you got extra network port.

Thanks for reading!


Synology iperf3 Performance Test

iperf3 is a good to opensource software.

In order to install to your Synology. You have to check what kind of CPU your Synology is using. You can check from below link.


After you have checked your CPU model. You may download per-compiled iperf by jadahl.


From my case. My synology is DS1815+. My CPU Model is Avoton. My DSM Version is 6.1.

I went to  http://www.jadahl.com/iperf/DSM_6.1/, and download below file.

[   ] iperf_avoton-6.1_3.2-1.spk 13-Oct-2017 14:21 1.7M

Next, Login to your Synology. Go to Package Center. Click on the Manual Install.

Select *.spk (depend what model you are using). In my case, my file is iperf_avoton-6.1_3.2-1.spk. Click and install. Once installed successfully. It will appear in the Installed list.

Once your iperf3 installed and running successfully. You can access to your SSH and run as server/client depend your usage.

To Enable SSH, you need to go to Control Panel -> Terminal & SNMP -> Enable SSH service.

In Windows You can use putty program to SSH to your Synology and run your iperf3.

That’s all. Thanks for reading.



How to upgrade laravel installer to v2

laravel/installer package was updated to v2 on Feb 2018.

Even you have run composer global update, still only got v1.5.0.

It is because in your ~/.composer/composer.json file. It is referenced as “^1.3”. It will not update to v2. Maximum only upgrade to v1.5.0.

Easy way is required again.

run composer global require laravel/installer:^2.0.1

another way is like below:-

Now you have to do is edit your ~/.composer/composer.json file, update the “^1.x” to “^2.0.1”.

macOS install mysql 5.7 homebrew

Today I decided to upgrade my MySQL database from 5.6 to 5.7. Previously I was using Bitnami MAMP DB version. Today I decided use homebrew version upgrade my MySQL.

To install MySQL is pretty simple. However, if you installed previous MySQL version before. It will be a challenge for you. My advice is to delete all your old data to avoid running in mysql_upgrade command required by MySQL when you need to run some command related to sys database.

To install MySQL with homebrew is:

You can check what are you going to install via this command.

brew info mysql it will prompt and listed what will be version will be installed. For my today case, it is 5.7.21. Then I confirmed I wanted to install.

brew install mysql

That’s all

If you want to restart MySQL run brew services restart mysql

Please take note that, once you have restarted your mysql. Homebrew will copy /usr/local/Cellar/mysql/your version/homebrew.mxcl.mysql.plist to ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.mysql.plist

So whatever you want to edit, please edit on /usr/local/Cellar/mysql/your version/homebrew.mxcl.mysql.plist

Regarding my.cnf

MySQL 5.7 does not have default my.cnf, you also cannot find in the default support-files that ship together. You may just create one at /etc/my.cnf, please take note that not all the setting will be applied via this file.

For example. bind-address. Sometimes it binds together with start process.

More info:- https://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/55958/cant-remote-access-mysql-server-running-on-mac-os-x

Remove old MySQL data in homebrew

ps -ef | grep mysql with this command, you actually can see the mysql process bind to what parameter.

So for my case, mysql datadir=/usr/local/var/mysql, you may delete this one first before you install.

Laravel Multiple Login Logout Password Reset User/Member and Admin Tutorial

When you work in CMS, it is pretty common you have multiple roles and permission.

Setting Up Multi-Authentication in Laravel 5.4+ (Part 1)

Or from Forum


However, for my own appoach kind of different from above solution.

I am using subdomain to different out the session. So I do no need to duplicate the controller. I can use the same flow as main domain used.


Convert Excel Text Number String to Number for calculating used

I am sure you experience after export from some software. The number treated as String. And you can’t use it for doing calculation.

  1. Copy the data to new sheet or new workbook.
  2. paste in this formular `=IF(ISBLANK(B2),””,VALUE(B2))`
    What this formular do is first check is the cell is it blank or not, if it is blank then show it is blank, else, show the value of that cell (this is the part convert it from string to number)
  3. Next, you just copy and paste the formula accordingly.
  4. Final step, you select all the formular area, then paste it as VALUE.
  5. DONE!

Below example, as you can see the yellow part is original data, it mixed with string and number. The little green arrow on the top left corner indicate you can convert it to other format, but you have to do it one by one.

On the green part is followed by formular converted it to number.


Thanks for reading!