macOS Sierra install PHP7 ext-intl extension

I need to run with ext-intl with my PHP7.
However, I can’t really find a proper tutorial about this.

It actually simply to do with `brew` install.
if you already install php70 with brew first you have to remove it. In my case, I had install with ext-mcrypt. So I have removed it first

brew remove php70-mcrypt
brew remove php70

Then start my installation, with the extra parameter, it allowed me to install ext-intl

brew install php70 --with-pear

But it seem like got error…

These open issues may also help:
php70-ast 0.1.4

Then I followed what it told.

brew install -s php70-intl

Then install back my php mycrypt extension again

brew install -s php70-mcrypt

Tata~ I have my latest php70 install with ext-intl installed. I hope this will help those need ext-intl extension installed with your php.

Happy Coding!

Laravel Valet with

There is a very power command with Laravel Valet which is valet share. However, the problem is the URL will not reserve. Once you restart the process, there will be new URL will be generated.

When I due with payment gateway, they required an URL can be accessed from outside. So is the solution to keep the sub-domain.

Once you install, here is the command:-

>lt --port 80 --subdomain mysubdomain --local-host

It will proxy the valet URL to match with the localtunnel URL.

However, you will still have another issue, all your website link is not showing, it is still pointing to

In this case you can use Laravel URL class, URL::forceRootUrl('');

It will change the URL to the input that you had set.

I hope this tutorial can help you in your development. Happy Coding~

php rename file extension

When come to Linux it is case sensitive. How do you set all your file extension in the same case.

Below is the code how I rename the file extension all from .JPG (does not matter what is the original) to .jpg


function replace_extension($filename, $new_extension) {
     $info = pathinfo($filename);

    $newname = $info['filename'] . '.' . $new_extension;
    rename('/home/image/'.$filename, '/home/image/'.$newname);
    return $newname;


$dir = '/home/image';
$files = scandir($dir);


foreach($files as $key => $file)
     echo replace_extension($file, 'jpg');
    echo "<br />";




AJAX 500 Internal Server Error, Opencart AJAX 500 error return

I migrate a OpenCart2 website from cPanel to AWS. That’s means no beautiful interface for me to drag and drop. Now need to deal with SSH.

Everything was worked fine in my old hosting. However this weird 500 Internal Server Error keep bother me.


As I google around the stackoverflow. Most of them said that is my PHP script error to generate this 500 Internal Server Error. My script is exactly same as my old website.

From the Google Chrome inspect Network tab, the AJAX request have correct response but it just have the 500 HTTP Code.


End up I found it is because of the permission.

Make sure you have the write permission for the error.log and openbay.log

  • /system/storage/logs/error.log
  • /system/storage/logs/openbay.log

I set the file permission from 644 to 664.

Then this 500 Internal Server Error was removed. The issue it is because the script cannot write to the file.

Maybank2u Pay HSBC / Public Bank / RHB / Other Bank Credit Card

Recently I applied for HSBC Credit Card, but I do not have any HSBC Saving Account.

Looking for HSBC website I can’t find any article regarding how to pay their Credit Card via other Bank.

Here is the step if you have Maybank2u and you would like to transfer online to pay your HSBC Credit Card / Other Bank as long as the bank is on the list.

    1. Log In to your Maybank2u.
    2. Select Transfers.
    3. Select New Interbank fund transfer (You can save to Favourite interbank fund transfer if you use a lot).
    4. Select the bank you would like to transfer. For my case, I want to pay for HSBC Bank.
    5. maybank2u_hsbc_publicbank_2Enter all the fields, the one need to take note id “Transaction type“, select Credit Card. You can click on the Account no. length if you not sure or want to double check.


Then you are done your credit card payment. Just always double check all the information before you click “Confirm“.

Thank for reading.

Virtualbox 5.1 error RTR3InitEx failed with rc

Virtualbox 5.1 just launch few days ago. I can’t wait to test those awesome feature from version 5.1.

But if you have RTR3InitEx failed with rc when you start your virtual machine. My solution is uninstall Virtualbox 5.1 and reinstall again.

Vagrant not support Virtualbox 5.1

I have problem with vagrant 1.8.4. However simple solution can be solved using the following link:-

If you have the following error:-

There was an error while executing `VBoxManage`, a CLI used by Vagrant
for controlling VirtualBox. The command and stderr is shown below.

Command: [“startvm”, “f730c1fd-fe57-4c50-8708-e1d6d034b7f5”, “–type”, “headless”]

Stderr: VBoxManage.exe: error: Nonexistent host networking interface, name ‘VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter #2’ (VERR_INTERNAL_ERROR)
VBoxManage.exe: error: Details: code E_FAIL (0x80004005), component ConsoleWrap, interface IConsole

Run vagrant reload may solved your issue.


Announcement: Water Disruption – Syabas

The water treatment plant Cheras Batu 11 which supply treated water to several areas in Hulu Langat had to be temporarily closed at 4.00 pm today (21 Feb 2016), today because of pollution in Sungai Langat.

The situation is being closely monitored river and the water treatment plant will be operational again as soon as the situation of water pollution at Sungai Langat subsided.

Area-designated areas are expected to experience water supply disruption in Hulu Langat due to the temporary shutdown of the water treatment plant is adalahSri Cheras Batu 11 Sungai Long, Karunmas Taman Desa, Taman Kasturi Cheras, Taman Bukit Emas, Taman Impian Indah, Taman Seri Sungai Long, J Avenue, Taman Setia Kasturi Cheras, Balakong Jaya Industrial Park, Taman Sinaran, Square C 180 Balakong, Bukit Suria, Taman Impian Ehsan, Balakong New Village, Taman Sri Indah Cheras, Taman Cheras Jaya, Taman taming Indah, Taman Bukit Sungai Long, Garden Dutamas, Aeon Cheras Selatan, Taman Setia Balakong, Commercial Area Desa Ria, Taman Suria, Taman Sejati and Cheras Jaya Industrial Area.

To minimize inconvenience to consumers, emergency water supplies have been shipped by tankers.

Users will be informed of developments regarding the situation from time to time through the mass media, smart phone applications, “my Syabas” and .

Users can also connect via SYABAS 1-800-88-5252 or SMS 36222 to help water supply.


syabas-2016-02-water-disruption syabas-2016-03-water-disruption

Recovery MacBook Pro OS X with broken USB Port upgraded to SSD

I got a friend with a MacBook Pro (Early 2011) with NO working USB Port and she plan to switch to SSD. The SSD I used is PATRIOT Blast 240GB.

The easiest and time saving method is use Time Machine backup and recover back after you swap to new SSD.

However, both USB Port is not working. We tried Reset PRAM & SMC (System Management Controller)  hope it will working. But, still no luck to get it works. So I went to another solution. Use an external hard disk connected to my own MacBook Pro and formatted to Mac File Format (Mac OS Extended Journaled) and Share out the partition. The MacBook Pro connected to my MacBook Pro and do the Time Machine Backup.

This is the first time I use Network Time Machine Restore. You need to switch on your MacBook Pro with Option Key holding. By using this method it will ask for WiFi Connection. If you use Command-Option-R, it will Start up from OS X Recovery over the Internet, and it will use LAN Connection with is a lot of faster compare WiFi connection.

Once it will finished load OS X Recovery mode. Thank you for `klanomath` solution in apple stack overflow to mount it in Terminal.


– admin account & password
– AFP-share & server IP-address

  1. Boot the Computer to Recovery Mode.
  2. Open Terminal in the Utilities menu
  3. At the prompt enter: cd /Volumes
  4. Create a sub-directory in Volumes as a mount point for your time machine share:
    mkdir TimeMachine
  5. Enter cd TimeMachine
  6. Enter pwd. pwd should show /Volumes/TimeMachine
  7. Mount the network share with your admin loginname & password:
    mount -t afp afp://adminname:[email protected]/ShareName /Volumes/TimeMachine

    If your password contains wonky characters like :@\/ use URL encoding to protect them

  8. Enter: ls -la. Note the exact name of your sparsebundle.
  9. Enter: hdid /Volumes/TimeMachine/NameOfYourSparseBundle. You may enter the first letters of the sparsebundle name and then hit TAB. Hitting tab should auto-complete the Time Machine sparsebundle name. It may not look the same as above as it escapes spaces and special characters.
  10. After auto-completing the name, hit return. If you return to the prompt the sparsebundle has been opened.
  11. Enter exit and and quit Terminal.


You able to view your Time Machine backup there and you just need to grab a coffee / tea to wait until it finished!

Thanks for reading! My friend comment about her new SSD is she got a NEW Machine again! If you having a slow MacBookPro which is running in HDD maybe it is a time to get a new SSD.

JetReports with Nav5 having Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action

Yesterday our company JetReports suddenly out of services. My Excel got stuck when I did anything related to connection with Nav5. error-Jetreport

When I open JetReports Excel. It just stuck and after while it start prompt out “Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action” and on the bottom of Excel keep running processing…

I noticed that when I opened my CSIDE Client (fin.exe) also keep stuck on the opening. The memory is about 1k – 1.5k compare the normal fin.exe is take about 20k-25k memory.

I had tried restart the PC. Reinstall JetReports and Nav 5 but it still not solved my problem. I notice that the same PC different user able to access the fin.exe. I come into the conclusion it might be user profile AppData got corrupted data.


I remove the user and recreate the user again. Once I login to new created user, I am able to open fin.exe without any issue. Then I test with JetReports component in Excel. It also able to connect to my Nav Database.

Thanks for reading hopefully my sharing can help some of you having the same problems.